Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Member's Projects

Deirdre (our wonderful Treasurer) sent in these images of some of her favourite projects. 
Deirdre's husband is in the Police Force and she painted this box for him

Back view

Deirdre painted these 10" x 8" canvasses as 2 parts of a triptych painted in a class by Penny Morgan.
Cowrie Shell

Nautilus Shell
These images will go into the Member's Gallery and when I have a few more images in there the Gallery will be opened, so please send in your photos.


  1. I'm gobsmacked by the detail on Deirdre's box, I couldn't believe it was hand painted when I saw it. It's amazing D, well done!
    I recognise those shell paintings... my Mum has a series of these on her bathroom wall.

  2. Hi girls love the work gail