Tuesday, 4 June 2013


Another good meeting this month.  Not very many of us there but we had good discussions and our AGM.  The Committee renominated and were voted back in.  We still need a Newsletter Editor and an assistant for Gail with workshops and projects.
We also brought in lunch which was lovely fish and chips...yum!  Not good for the waist but comfort food in this weather.  Gail was away caravanning so we didn't get an Event's Report but we are definitely having Lore Barratt in August, we just have to confirm the project.
Donna, Jenny and Penny deep in discussion
Faye and Trish busy painting decorations for our October Show.
Vi and Gillian considering the lunch menu??
Faye giving us a wonderful 'Show and Tell'.  See all pics below
Faye painted these little fairies on cardstock, cut them out, then sealed them between laminating sheets.  She then drew in the wings using glitter and adhering bling, then cut around the wings.  A great effect. 

For these little angels, Faye cut the shapes out of styrene foam trays and painted them in.  This is going to be our project in July.  See Coming Projects in ribbon across top of page for details.

Again Faye has surprised us with her recycling skills.  This is a spice bottle with a circle of calico (spritzed with paint to colour) attached under the lid.  The lid is coloured and a foam ball added for the head.  The wings are butterfly wings Faye bought in a shop.  Flowers, ribbon and glitter are added to finish the project.

Back view of bottle fairy.
This was a circle of fabric painted with a Christmas theme and attached to a small bottle with ribbon.  Great to fill with sweets as a gift.

This was a kit Faye had bought.  The star is cut from several pieces of fabric and bonded together.  The Santa face was an MDF cut-out painted to a pattern 
Faye suggested the star or Santa could be cut from one of these trays.
  So that was our meeting for June.  Please come along if you can as we do have some good discussions and little projects each month.

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