Monday, 7 April 2014


We had a great time at the show and were kept busy all the time.  The photos below show some of our merry crew and the size of the stand that we had.  It was a long stand with Judy Minter and Paula Whippy on the lower end selling, the teaching tables in the middle and the sign on and enquiry table on the upper end.  Thanks to our sponsors, Expertise and Chroma who provided us with this space and our paints, aprons and books.
Deirdre manning our sign in table.
Classes in progress.  Thanks to our many helpers who assisted the students to complete their project.  Without them the classes would have been very hard to handle.  They watched for mistakes, gave advice and picked up the mess after, cleaned brushes and sponges, re-laid the tables for the next class and essentially made the classes run smoothly and helped but happy smiles on faces.

The chook pattern was drawn on the bag and blocked in with colour.  Wings, crops, wattles etc. were added and then they had lots of fun painting long curling strokes in all colours in paint and Kindy Glitz to make a very flamboyant tail on the rooster.

Happy smiles with the finished project and some won books (given by Chroma) in lucky draws.

Bags were left to hang on the wall between classes to dry.  Students came back to pick them up before going home.

The butterfly was a stencil in negative and positive.  Very easy to do and everyone's came out a success and very pretty.

More happy faces with their projects.

A time to pause for a laugh.

Wendy D. came from Grafton to help at the show.  Thanks Wendy, your company added to the fun and laughter at the show.

Gail teaching her Rooster.

Brushes cleaned for the next class.
Oh! the bucket brigade!!  To acquire water to clean brushes and sponges etc.  we had to walk down to the storage room way at the back of the centre and navigate around open, spilling boxes to the sink.  Of course it was a small sink and we couldn't get the bucket under the tap????  O.K. so a little invention was needed.  We used this curved ag. pipe to funnel water through while holding the bucket at the edge of the sink.  Worked a treat but had to be careful to tip it up before putting down the bucket to turn off the tap or we got rather wet feet. 
We are now gearing up for the October show.  We don't teach at this show but we do have a nice guild stand and sell painted Christmas items.  So if you are in the area then, come and see us and say hello.

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