Saturday, 15 February 2014


Our workshop with Lorraine Wingfield was great.  Lorraine is a patient and generous teacher and we all enjoyed our day enormously.  Our canvases were 50cm x 60cm, so quite a nice size on which to work.  Firstly the surface was buttered with texture paste, then painted black, after which the pattern was traced on.
The leaves were base coated in green and then highlighted and shadowed.  The black background was allowed to show through where the shadows were darkest.
Deirdre (above) and Jenny are both doing well.

Lorraine often sat with a member when they needed some extra help.

Judy has almost finished the leaves

Lorraine highlighting the leaves.  We used a large filbert brush for most of the work and used it 'dirty', meaning we did not wash the brush between colours.

In Vi's (above)  and Pam's (below) pieces you can see the pattern in white graphite quite well

Wendy D. came a long way to take part in our workshop and you can see here that we had begun to base and highlight the petals.  The centre stamens were lovely commas in red and yellow. 
The centre was washed with purple when finished which brought it back down into the flower.  

Lorrain is demonstrating the centre commas.  She painted so effortlessly and was so willing to show the steps as often as we needed.  Lorraine has the ability to help you relax during the class and any difficulty is overcome with ease with her help.

Our happy group at the end of the day with the project almost finished.  Well done everyone!  But next time we might leave the fire hose out of the you think?

This is Wendy D.'s finished waterlily.  She emailed it to me this morning.  Very nice Wendy, thank you for sending it on to us.

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