Friday, 11 October 2013


Our October meeting was a lovely workshop taught by Judy Minter.  Judy chose a pattern from Kay Kairahnel's book (permission granted).  We started with a cream background and then stencilled in the basic 'chook'.  A rather scary wash of burnt umber over all of that and then detailing in the feathers, and everything else.  We all enjoyed this technique even though we doubted it when we put that dark wash over the bird.

Judy in teaching mode
This is my 'chook' and I lost some detail so cheated by fingering in some white
Deirdre is relaxing awhile as Jenny and Carolyn labour on
This is Judy's finished piece.  Love that wire don't you?

Mary is contemplating her next step. I think it may be a cup of coffee

Can you see that dark wash..... Vi is handling it very well

Carolyn is bringing out the detail

Judy encouraging Mary. 

A finished 'chook'

Hmmm....  this one is sideways. Sorry.

They all looked good, didn't they

Deirdre's work is so neat and her brush strokes are always soft and precise

All of the 'chooks' above are from other painters

The finished project!  All looked great

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  1. Well done ladies, your paintings all look wonderful! I particularly like the chicken wire, it looks real.