Monday, 8 July 2013


We had a very enjoyable meeting this month.  Ten of us attended and Faye lead us through a charming project - painting fairies on styrene foam (those trays under fruit and vegetables from the supermarket).  We traced an outline on the tray, cut it out using a craft knife, painted a fairy and added bling and glitz to our hearts content.  We kept one for ourselves and gave the others to the October guild stall to sell.  While everyone was quietly tracing or cutting the tray we had out meeting.  Unfortunately Lore Barratt had to cancel her class in August and our bus trip to Tyalgum has had to be deferred.  We will make another date for that soon.  We discussed asking other teachers to come next year so we hope to get some names in the hat soon.  Our newsletter was a little slim last month but I hope some members will give me some news items for the next paper coming out in September.  Please help with this as getting content is the hardest part of putting the newsletter together.  We would love to hear from you.
Next month we are having a soup and slice day.  Members are bringing a soup (kept hot in slow cookers) bread, and a sweet slice to share for lunch.  If you want to come along please ring myself or Gail to let us know how many to cater for.  The project for the day will be something for yourself, an item for our October craft show or a Memory Box.  So bring your painting kit and join us in a friendship day.

Mary working on three little angels

You can see how we cut the shapes from trays and used the remainder as the palette.  Clever thinking Gillian.  I like the front of your apron too!

An angel base coated

Features are coming together here
Some discussion on the instructions
Painting several at a time allowed drying of the layers of paint
Faye's finished angels

Close up of the face

Another of Faye's creations

Faye working away on another fairy.  She paints such lovely detail and sometimes uses pens to achieve this

More Creations using styrene foam trays for shapes.  Both the star and centre piece are cut from these trays

Finished fairies


Vi painted this canvas with her teacher Verena.  It is a Helen Kuster design
Another of Vi's canvases

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