Thursday, 2 May 2013

Wendy D's Craft Group

Just to let you all know what we do down here on the Clarence River for fun! We now have been meeting for around 4 years every Friday at our craft group in an old dairy converted into craft and an entertainment area overlooking the mighty Clarence.  My heart was to begin a craft group with the women from the outskirts of Grafton that live on properties on the outskirts of our town.  There are many innovative girls out there who just love to come together and share with each other our love of the arts. We have heaps of fun laughter (at each other) and actually do some awesome art and other crafts. One of our sayings is that we have to get at least 20,000 words out on a Friday and we are nicer people!!! As many live on the outskirts of Grafton on properties which are at least 30 k away and more!!!

If any of our members are coming past this way just call in and if any teachers are driving past I am sure we could rally a class or two.
I am looking forward to hearing other member’s stories for our DFAQ group who work so hard to keep our association going. So I challenge you all to 'tell your story ' about how you keep motivated.

This year we have decided to step out and around each month we will go to be inspired and seek out an art gallery or two, we are going to Coffs Harbour and then will head to the botanic gardens to see some amazing plants and flowers to paint. So come on girls!!! I will be waiting to hear what you all have to help us in the country.
Wendy Donoghue

Out on the deck playing with watercolou​rs for a couple of 1 st timers in this area . The word is LOOSEN up baby !!!!

Sounds as though these ladies have a wonderful time on Fridays.  A great way to build friendships and gain a few skills.  Do any other members meet with friends?  Let us know.


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