Sunday, 7 April 2013


At our April meeting we painted Memory Boxes and this lovely little bear below was done by Faye Goddard.  This delightful image was drawn by a lovely and talented friend of mine.  She has several images for you, free, to use on the boxes.  Click here to view Beccy's blog, you will enjoy the trip.

At a previous meeting we painted this bird and music which was printed on sturdy paper.  I trimmed the edges of mine, softened the corners, dusted the edges with blue and glued it to a blue box using a glue stick.  When it was thoroughly dry I sprayed it with satin varnish.  I thought it came up well and I will do another I think.


  1. What beautiful boxes Faye. You did a wonderful job painting them up and I'm certain they will be treasured. Well done.

  2. Thanks Beccy for your kind comments, I enjoyed very much painting your beautiful ballerina bear design and I hope someone will love the box, will be pleased if it can ease the pain of grief in a small way. Faye