Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Our March Meeting

At our meeting in March we did a joint project of a lovely blue bird on a sheet of music.  I hope to be able to trim mine and adhere it to a Memory Box.  Everyone did a great job but what was interesting was the way we coped with painting on our printed sheets of paper without the ink running or the paper warping.  I have an inkjet printer but I ironed the sheet and that sets the ink, but when I tested painting it was too absorbent and so I could not blend my paint.  I over came that by spraying the sheet of paper with a matt sealer.
Deirdre was very ingenious and she printed on tissue paper.  She sprays photocopy paper with an adhesive that when dry becomes temporary adhesive .   She then laid the tissue paper on that and then could put it through the printer.  Deirdre has a laser printer so that is permanent ink.
We had a lovely day except the heavens opened about mid-day and I have to admit it did pour down.Some of us came home rather wet and cold from loading up our cars in the afternoon.Never mind it hasn’t dampened our spirits and we will be back next month.  

 Following are some pics from the day.
 Faye and Donna are working industriously while Di makes a well deserved cup of coffee.

Gillian and Judy hard at work.

 Busy workstations.

Trish and Donna concentrating.

Some of members elected to do their own project which is great too. The image below is Mary's little bird.  Isn't it sweet? 

 Faye had yet another wonderful way of coping. Faye used a sheet of music from an old book (it had a wonderful patina of age on it) and painted it on both sides with a mix of PVA glue and water. This gave it some body and allowed her to paint on the surface with no trouble. 

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